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The Hero She Needs: Redefining what it means to be there for her

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A workshop for men

Do you sometimes wish there was an instruction manual for how to be there for a woman when she is upset or emotional? 

Does it feel like regardless of what you say or do, nothing seems to help - and it might even make things worse when you try to ‘fix’ the problem?

This practical workshop is co-facilitated by Carl Wahlers, Founder of men’s support group, Blokes & Black Dogs and Hiba Samawi, Psychologist at Wiser Humans & Lausanne Therapy Space.

It is aimed at men who want to be the hero women need - regardless of whether they are currently in a relationship or not. 

You will learn:  

  • How women are different to men when facing problems. 
  • How to put in place healthy boundaries so you can be there for her without losing yourself. 
  • Simple tools for dealing with situations such as complaints and confusion. 
  • How to be present in an effective way. 

Our goal is that you leave this workshop with a different definition of what it means to be her hero: Not as someone who needs to save or fix her, but as someone who can be there for her the way she needs, while standing in your strength. 

When + Where

September 19 - 19:30 - 21:30

Impact Hub Lausanne - Rue du Jura 11 - 1004 Lausanne


50 CHF

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